Food hacks for Future Brock Badgers (part I)

Hey there future badgers,

Naomi here yet again to share some of my Brock knowledge with you future badgers. So you’re probably moving away from home for the first time and now you’re wondering “what the heck am I going to eat while I’m at school?” Well don’t fret my friends, I’m here to help you fight off hunger with some helpful food hacks for the first timers away from home (or for the people who have been Badgers forever and can appreciate some helpful hints – *cough cough someorallofmyfriends cough*)

1) Residence and meal plan – if you’re staying in a traditional or semi-suite style residence you’ll have a meal plan! Meal plans are a great way to enjoy food, specifically from some of our many on campus locations. ¬†Definitely check out Ally’s blog on places to eat on campus to get the scoop on some of her favourite places.

If you’re in residence, DeCew and Lowenburger residence dining halls are great places to find your favourite new foods like Chicken Zinger Wraps (Taylor suggests adding ranch dressing to it!) or the Lowenburger burger. You can also visit Market to find some fresh food from close to home (our Brock home that is). Market uses fresh produce whenever possible! – some food hacks from market? Opt for the half-sized sizzling salads to enjoy a delicious warm salad at a lower cost. Market offers half sizes in a lot of their other dishes too so definitely check that out!

2) For those future badgers who are living in townhouse style residences without a meal plan – you’re still welcome to use the dining halls! All of them accept Flex dollars and cash and some of them accept debit and credit as well so definitely try something new while you’re here.

Townhouse style residence is a great way to hone in on your cooking abilities! With culinary freedom at your fingertips (with the help of the internet of course) you can learn everything you need to know to feed yourself and wow your ¬†friends. Cooking really isn’t too challenging as long as you follow a recipe (again, the internet – or your mom are great places to find recipes) and pay attention to the steps. Learning how to cook was one of my favourite parts of my university experience and also one of the most rewarding parts!

That’s all for now Future badgers but look for my next blog post where I’ll outline some more of the challenges and rewards of finding food hacks at BU!

Naomi – Out!


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Hi there future badgers! My name is Naomi and I'm in my fourth year of the concurrent education, intermediate/senior stream with a drama major and a french minor, quite the mouthful I know - but basically it means that when I'm done here at Brock U I want to teach high school. So now you may be wondering why I chose Brock? I chose Brock because the minute I stepped on campus I felt at home. Brock had it all, the program, the community and the environment I was looking for in my post secondary school of choice. Want to hear more about my experiences? Check out my blog posts! feel free to ask any questions and I'll be happy to respond!

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