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No…the title of this blog is not referring to “being in the zone”…the Zone at Brock is our very own Fitness Centre on campus. When you pay your tuition, you pay for access to use this. You will also have access to our Olympic Size Swimming Pool (50m) known as the Eleanor Misener Aquatic Centre, our whirlpool, our 200 metre indoor recreational track, 3 gymnasias, squash courts and our Artificial Turf Field. This is a service you are paying for so why not take advantage of it?

Personally going to the Zone is a stress reliever for me. Even if I have a long day of classes I will go to the gym for a workout as it really helps me let out some steam and destress. Also, the Zone has Personal Trainers, so if you have never worked out at a gym before (I had not until I came to Brock), you can ask them any questions you may have.

Personal Trainers also teach fitness classes. Some of these may be included in tuition if they are a part of our ExpressFit Classes which is another great opportunity to take advantage. If you want to try out a spin class, or a cardio blast class, or even a destress stretch class, you have the opportunity too as a Badger.

When coming to university, it is a big transition in your life and a tip I have for all of you is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Whether you choose healthy meals at the Dining Halls or go to a fitness class or go to the Zone like I do, it is important to keep a balance between you being an academic student and you taking care of yourself!

When you come visit campus take a look at our wonderful Walker Sports Complex!

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