What’s one of the greatest things about being a Brock student? Your ancillary fees!!!!! This includes your universal bus pass for the Niagara Region, access to recreation services (gym membership) and access to our varsity sports home games!

If you’re a sports fan like me, and prefer to watch games live rather than on T.V., you’ll most likely find enjoyment attending one of our varsity home games! With over 24 Varsity and Club Teams, 37 National Championships and 73 Provincial Championships, ¬†you’ll have tons of games to attend and all home games are either held at the university, or just outside of it depending on the sport.

One of the events I was looking forward to the most all semester was last Friday’s (January 27th) Men’s and Women’s Basketball game against Ryerson University at the Meridian Centre, located just downtown St. Catharines. Over 3,000 Brock supporters filled the stadium, and our Men’s team defeated the Rams with the crowd screaming in excitement! It was quite the game.

Other exciting news is that after 15 years, our Men’s Volleyball team is back! This is all the more reason to come out and support our new team.

You can find a full schedule on the Go Badgers website by following this link:

Finally, if you didn’t know………..Brock has been rated as the #1 fans in the entire country thanks to our WE ARE READY campaign! So come out, wear red, and cheer on our badgers as a badger!


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