Never Fear… Class Sizes Change Here!

Well hello again baby badgers!

One question I hear all the time is how do you manage the class sizes in university?

Well I am here to let you know that you never have to fear because our class sizes change all the time here at Brock!

When you enter university in your first year, your class sizes are large because you are taking context courses that the majority of students in your program have to take, as well as some students from other programs. Our two largest lecture halls, David S. Howes Theatre and Sean O’Sullivan Theatre, seat 451 and roughly 500 students.  These will be your largest class sizes.

I know this may sound intimidating, however I can assure you as you progress through your years at Brock, your class sizes begin to become smaller and actually end up almost back to your original high school classroom size! This is because your program becomes more specialized to what you are interested in, and you have more options as to what courses you would like to take.

The smaller class sizes also allow for the opportunity to speak out more often, as many students feel more comfortable raising their hand to share their opinion or to ask their professor a question.

Therefore, although you may be worried about the class sizes when you begin university, the class sizes continue to condense as you progress through your years.  Look at me now, I have about 25-30 students in each of my classes as a fourth year education student, it’s like I’m back in high school!

So don’t you fear!


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