I’ve Applied to Brock…now what is next?

Since admission offers have already begun rolling out and it is becoming more of a reality that you will become a university student, it is a good thing to start to considering how you will finance your education. I’m sure we all dream about winning the lottery and not having to worry about money in our future however you should start to be proactive and look at your options. Whether that be having a discussion with your parents about what they are thinking for you beginning your post-secondary studies or whether it be asking to increase your hours at your part-time job or start looking for a job!
A great thing that Brock University has is Entrance Scholarships. If you have over an 80% average you will be guaranteed an entrance scholarship in your first year of studies at Brock. The best part about entrance scholarships is that they are renewable for all years of your undergraduate program!
Also, Brock University has the One App. This is one application form incoming and current students need to complete which makes you eligible for hundreds of awards and bursaries. There is over a million dollars in awards and bursaries to be given away! Awards are based on academic performance and bursaries are granted for financial need. So why not take a look at the OneApp and see what happens? You could get some money for taking a bit of your time to fill this out. The deadline to apply to this is April 15, 2017.
So future badgers, a tip I found was to plan out how you will finance this next chapter in your life so that there is no unwanted stress and you can enjoy your time before becoming a Brock Badger 🙂
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