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I know fourth year may seem like a long time away…. But look at how fast your high school years went by! It’s always good to look ahead and it is never too early to start planning your future years, which will hopefully be at Brock!

When you enter your fourth year, in many programs I have recognized that there are honors, thesis and project options.  Although I cannot speak for all programs at Brock, I can speak for my own.

In my program, Concurrent Education Primary/Junior Child and Youth Studies (CHYS) there are three opportunities to choose from: coursework (which is exactly what you would have been doing the previous three years), a research project, as well as an honors thesis.

After weighing many pros and cons, upon entering my fourth year I decided to try something new and chose to complete an honors thesis.  The process to this is slightly different than just continuing with coursework.  I applied through my Brock portal and filled out an online application where I was to request my top three professors to work with, as well as corresponding subjects to complete my thesis on with each professor.

Not long after, I heard back and had been accepted and placed with a CHYS professor. The project we are focusing on is called Recess Project – which I have been taking part in since first year long with this professor.

Thus far in my first semester, working on a thesis has been a very interesting and rewarding experience.  I have had the opportunity to build personal connections with a professor at Brock, expanding my connections within the university and the broader community.  I have also gained great insights into the process of research, writing, as well as field work to collect data and information for my thesis.

Although I was very apprehensive to take on a thesis, with the right organizational skills and motivation, you can do anything you set your mind to!  I strongly suggest to weigh all the pros and cons to ensure you do not limit your opportunities. You never know where such opportunities may take you and it is always a good idea to keep all the doors open so you can explore what awaits you during your time at Brock!

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