My Favourite Study Spots at Brock

Hey Future Badgers,

It’s a new term and that means new assignments, projects, and tests! With all of this work to fit into our schedules us Brock students need to find some good places to study on campus where we can feel relaxed and focused. Here are some of my favourite places to get some work done!

1. The Computer Commons (nicknamed the “Fishbowl”):
The Computer commons or the “Fishbowl” is where my friends know to look for me if they ever need me… I basically live there. The Fishbowl is the largest of 8 computer labs on campus, and is open to all students on campus if they need a computer to use. The reason I’m in there so often is because I have been taking a few biostatistics courses where I need to use a computer software program called SAS. The computers in Fishbowl have plenty of these software programs installed on them, and also an IT desk at the front with staff who can help with any technology problems us students come across.

2. The Cairns Complex:
Another place I like to go to if I have some work to do is the Cairns Complex. This building is used mostly for research by faculty members, and is a very low traffic spot for students, making it a quiet place to study. It’s nice and peaceful if you want limited distraction, and the building is full of huge windows to let in lots of natural light (and you have a nice view of some of the campus outside).

3. Hungry Badger:
The Hungry Badger is a dining location in the Walker Complex at Brock. I like to study on the mezzanine level above the cafeteria. This is because all of my Health Science professors have offices right down the hallway on that level. If I have a meeting with a professor to wait for, this is good place to kill some time. Also, I’ve studied up there during my professor’s office hours before, so that when I came across a problem or something I was confused about I could just go right in and get it clarified.

5. Group Study Rooms in the Library:
The James A. Gibson library on campus has plenty of group study rooms available for students to book online. We are able to book them for a certain amount of hours at a time for any group projects or presentations we need to work on. Whenever I have to meet with a group of peers for a project, we book out one of these rooms and bring food to snack on while we work away 🙂

6. General Brock Store
The General Brock Store is somewhere I go if I have a short time between classes. Sometimes I meet friends there to catch up before class, and other times I spend quiet mornings sipping my Booster Juice and finishing up some of my readings. GB is the best!

Those are all of my favourite places to study, and hopefully one of these will become yours in the future as well!


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