Happy New Year dear and future Badgers!

I hope you all had a wonderful rejuvenating break and are ready to get back to the grind. In order to make the transition from your winter break back into the academic regime, the Brock University Students’ Union has planned a wide array of events during Frost Week. Some events to look out for include –

Comedy Night – There is no better way to start the year off than having a good laugh with friends, both old and new. For only $5, you can have a hearty laugh and a wonderful evening. (Content may not be suitable for all views, viewer discretion advised)

Clubs Fair – BUSU has over 90 ratified clubs that spread across wide interests! The Clubs Fair being hosted at Isaac’s Bar and Grill will provide you with an opportunity to sign up and be a part of the Brock community through various means. Do come out and see what our clubs have to offer!

Technocolour Dreams Paint Party – TCD won Toronto Nightlife Entertainment Award for  2016 and is probably the biggest event of the week. Being hosted in our very own Isaac’s bar and Grill, this all ages event for Brock students is the perfect way to enhance your first week back at university with some fun and paint!

Vendor Fair – This one is a personal favourite, who doesn’t love FREE STUFF! Vendor fair allows you to gain more information regarding local and international companies in and around you who will support various needs you may have. Along with information, you will have the chance to receive tonnes of goodies and free swag which will be sure to come in hand for the rest of the year.

I hope you have an amazing first week back and a great semester ahead!


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