Happy New Year Badgers!

It’s a new year, a new semester, and a chance to start fresh in your program and studies.

I don’t know about you guys, but I love the beginning of a new semester.  It is a great time to get yourself prepared and organized for the upcoming busy schedule you may have over the next few months before summer starts!

Below are a few ways that can not only help prepare yourself for the new semester, but are also ideas to start off the new semester on a positive note!

1. Take some time out of your winter break to peek ahead at some of your upcoming courses and schedule.  The last week of winter break is always a great time to do some re-organizing to your schedule so it is just the way you like it.  It is also an opportunity to get ahead on some course readings or to gain better insight on the classes you’ll be taking!

2. Make new year resolutions/goals as to what you would like to achieve or accomplish this upcoming semester.  I have always loved making a list at the beginning of the year of the things I would like to complete during the winter semester, but also throughout the remainder of the year!

3. Look into things that you can get involved in during the winter semester.  A new semester does not only mean new courses, but also means new activities and extra-curricular opportunities to involve yourself in.  Maybe this is the year you try out one of Brock’s amazing fitness classes at the Zone, or where you join a new club you’ve always been thinking about!

4. Try making time for YOU this semester.  Sometimes we get so focused on our studies and everything going on in our busy schedules, we forget to make time for ourselves.  Perhaps you will sign up for yoga classes at the Walker complex, or take up swimming in our Olympic sized swimming pool! Whatever your interests may be, take time to explore something that you love.

As we welcome 2017, enter the year with a positive mind and always believe that you have the power to do anything you set your mind to! Whatever may be on your new year resolution list this year, I am sure Brock has a way of making it happen. I know Brock has done that for me!



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