In my previous blog, I discussed how some residences require a meal plan. So I’m here to explain how meal plans work at Brock.

Meal plans include meal plan dollars and flex dollars that are loaded onto your Brock card. Your meal plan dollars are tax-free and can be spent at the Guernsey Market, Hungry Badger, DeCew and Lowenberger Dining Halls, and the Cairns Café. Your flex dollars, which are taxed dollars are flexible as they can be spent at any on-campus eatery, laundry facility, vending machine, Tim Hortons, and selected off-campus restaurants and businesses.

Here are the different options students have when purchasing meal plans:

Students living in Village and Quarry View residences or off campus also have the opportunity to purchase a meal plan even though it is not mandatory. They may choose from one of our four standard options for those living in traditional residences or select a non-traditional plan for $2,000.

Also, a very important aspect and something to keep in mind about meal plans at Brock is that if you run out of money you can always add more money onto your card online or in person at the Brock Card office. Also, if you do not use all your money by the end of the academic year, you will be able to carry over any unused meal plan dollars to the next academic year. Your meal plan dollars will carry over into a taxable plan that can be used only at Brock Dining Services locations on campus.

Hope you enjoyed learning more about how to get your food at Brock! Click here for more details!

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