Hey Badgers!

Here at Brock, we are lucky to not only have a fun filled FROSH week at the beginning of the Fall term in September, but we also get to kick off the winter semester in the new year with FROST week!

Frost week, run on campus by the Brock University Students Union (BUSU) is a week of fun activities for our students to take part in as we all are welcomed back to our beautiful university after the winter break.

This year, Frost Week is taking place starting on Monday, January 9th until Friday, January 13th, 2017.  Yes, that’s right… One FULL WEEK of FUN before buckling down into all of our classes!

BUSU provides students with this week at the beginning of the new semester so that students can transition nicely from a relaxing break back into the school routine, but also for a chance for students to catch up and get involved on campus in the new year!

There is something for everyone that Frost Week offers, whether it be comedy, dancing, music, games, and you can’t forget the FREE hot chocolate that hits the spot in January!

Check out this link here to get a full schedule of the exciting jam-packed week of activities BUSU has planned for us  http://www.brockbusu.ca/frostweek/

If this doesn’t get you excited to start up the new year…. I don’t know what will!

Happy new year Badgers!


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