First semester flashback: What’s in store during your first semester at BU

Hey there future badgers,

Naomi here again.

As the OUAC application deadline quickly approaches, first semester here at Brock U is winding down. Now- for you future badgers, I know that the end of first semester university may seem far away – but just like they say, time flies when you’re having fun – so your first semester will be over before you know it. In order to help you see what’s in store when you walk through the doors at Brock U this blog post will be all about the joys of first semester – along with a couple personal adventures thrown in!

1) The very first semester here is always the most exciting – even for 4th years like me it’s always exciting. The excitement is not just because of all of the learning opportunities that await in the upcoming semester, but also because all of the friendship opportunities that arise! For starters a new semester – especially if it’s your first one – means new people, new friends and, new smiling faces, because who doesn’t love walking by a smiling face or meeting a new bestie in residence. Heck maybe you even gained a new roommate and you’re already planning everything you want to do together this semester! (Happened to me this year – shout out to J Glynn)

2) The first semester is always a nice refresher on the ways to get involved on Campus! Our campus is a hub of ways to get involved (check out my blog post: Things to do at Brock U) and first semester is always a great time to start something new. The first week of school is always great because we have the vendor fair which showcases so many of the opportunities here at Brock, so definitely something to check out in the first semester! (It’s never too late to get started though! I joined a club this year!)

3) Although first semester includes studying and working hard at school, all that hard work pays off with Fall Reading week! One of my favourite parts of first semester is reading week – this week is placed right in the middle of the semester and is designed to allow students a week off to catch up on their studies and relax! Its the perfect time to enjoy some downtime and the fall weather whether that be apple picking with bae, jumping in the leaves with your friends or enjoying Thanksgiving dinner with your folks – this week is definitely a highlight of first semester! (I was lucky enough to spend my reading week at the cottage – but many students travel)

4) Nearing the end of first semester the Brock University Students Union (BUSU), has something called wellness week – wellness week is one of the most wonderful time(s) of the year – complete with free snacks and massages (I had my first free massage this year and it was delightful!) and a puppy room – you won’t find me complaining when this time of year rolls around! (Check out Jacqueline’s post on wellness week here)

5) Finally, to wrap up the semester there are exams – want to know more on the exam process at Brock(I promise they really aren’t that bad)? Be sure to read Alex’s very helpful post about exams here!Once you’ve finished first semester exams its time to kickback and relax! Don’t forget to pat yourself on the back, because once your finished your exams you’ve completed half your year, congratulations and enjoy your break before second semester!

Well that’s all I’ve got for now – I hope this finds you well

Naomi – out!


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Hi there future badgers! My name is Naomi and I'm in my fourth year of the concurrent education, intermediate/senior stream with a drama major and a french minor, quite the mouthful I know - but basically it means that when I'm done here at Brock U I want to teach high school. So now you may be wondering why I chose Brock? I chose Brock because the minute I stepped on campus I felt at home. Brock had it all, the program, the community and the environment I was looking for in my post secondary school of choice. Want to hear more about my experiences? Check out my blog posts! feel free to ask any questions and I'll be happy to respond!

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