There is no “U” in Volunteering without YOU!

Hi everyone!

Do you LOVE getting involved in the community or at your high school?  I know I do! Here at Brock, there are SO many ways for you to get involved on and off campus, so don’t think that your volunteering needs to stop after you get all of those high school volunteer hours in, because Brock has so much that is waiting for YOU!

Without even leaving the campus, there is so much volunteer work to get involved in, and like I always say… Brock offers something for everyone!

I personally love working with kids, so here are a few things that I enjoy doing:

Every Thursday morning in our largest gym, we run a program called SNAP (Special Needs Activity Program).  Brock students pair up with children with special needs from elementary schools all over the Niagara Region.  Brock students volunteer their time with these kids to play games, work on motor skills, play sports, build things, and so much more!

Also right across the road from Brock is the Niagara Children’s Treatment Centre.  There is so much to do here when volunteering, from working in the special school, to swimming with kids in the rehabilitation pool!  Brock also has a lot of opportunities to get involved with kids through clubs and organizations, such as the Concurrent Education Student Association where we send volunteer students to schools for events that the student association runs!

What if you want to volunteer but don’t really want to work with kids?  No problem!  There is something for you too.  Brock offers volunteer experience for everything from research projects, intramural and varsity sports, and more, to volunteering for Brock events such as Fall Preview Day or events during O-Week like Shinerama!

Of course there is SO much volunteering out in the community as well, and St. Catharines has so many opportunities that draw interests from all program types!

Although there are so many volunteer experiences that can be offered at Brock and the surrounding community, sometimes help is not always there when it is needed!  That is why I cannot stress enough to get involved within your time at Brock, it is amazing what connections and experiences you can make while getting your name out there, all while helping local organizations, schools and more!  You are not only benefiting yourself to make experiences and build your resumes, but you are also making a difference in the community one volunteer opportunity at a time.

After all, there is no U in volunteering without YOU!

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