Hey again,

I thought it would be helpful to explain some lingo we use at university!

1. Lecture

Lectures are similar to high school classes. The professor will talk through his/her lesson as you write notes. Some professors may use lecture notes or slide shows. Lectures are where you learn the majority of your course content.

2. Seminar/Tutorial

Seminars and tutorials are very similar. They are lead by a teaching assistant (TA) or by the professor. It emphasizes small-classroom learning as there are only between 15-20 people in this class. The purpose of them is to review course readings and to discuss main concepts discussed in the course. It is a great way to get to know people in your classes as well.

3. Labs

Often labs are where you conduct experiments in a scientific laboratory, or maybe you have a lab that is interactive.

4. Reading Week

Reading Week is where students have a week off from classes. This happens once every semester. It is a great opportunity to catch up on school work or get ahead. However, a lot of people will say this is the opportunity to relax and have a break.

Hope this blog is helpful in understanding a little bit about how university works! Especially how it works here at Brock 🙂

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