Hi Future Badgers!

Though it could definitely be a challenge leaving home from wherever you are, coming to Brock from Toronto was definitely a huge change of scenery for me. I was no longer surrounded by city lights, tall buildings, and constant traffic. Instead I found myself surrounded by a ton of nature and much less buildings.  As I had the opportunity to meet so many amazing people and get to know more about the university, I loved it! Pros about coming to Brock include:

1. The community environment on campus (So you’ll make a ton of new friends!). It is so nice to be walking down the hallway after class and bumping into your friends.

2.  The accessibility in St. Catharines is amazing (You can get to downtown St. Catharines from Brock in 10 minutes!!). There is so much to do downtown including, restaurants, Performing Arts Centre, shops and boutiques, etc…

3. There are so many opportunities at Brock that you can be a part of (i.e. volunteering, campus jobs, clubs, etc.; all thanks to Brock’s Career Services and Brock University Student Union!). Getting involved on campus is a great way to make new friends and connections!

Until next time!

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