Hi everyone!  Or should I say…. Future Badgers!

I know things are probably getting very exciting for everyone as you are all deciding what university you should be going to and for what program, but the biggest thing you all may be thinking about is how will you make the transition from high school to university?! Well, I am here to help you out with that question today.

Making the transition from my small town, Chatham Ontario, to the beautiful city of St. Catharines was probably the easiest and most memorable transition I have ever had to make thus far in my life!

I come from a very small high school, where I knew everyone, saw all my friends every day at school, ran into my teachers and academic advisors, you get the picture!  So I always wondered whether I would have any of these experiences at my university.

Well, when I stepped foot on the beautiful Brock campus, I could not have been greeted with a greater surprise.  Every day, I am seeing friends, professors, academic advisers, co-workers, and more, through the booming halls of Brock.  I never imagined that in a university I would see so many people all the time, or that I would be remembered by my professors or academic advisers.  Brock has done an exceptional job in reaching out to their students and providing us a place to feel acknowledged, accepted and welcomed.

Coming to Brock was the absolute best decision of my life.  I don’t think I could have had a better transition experience, as Brock, all of its faculty and individuals, have welcomed me with open arms, and for that I am so grateful to have Brock as my home away from home!

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