When looking at Universities, be ready for Brock to meet all your needs! ✔✔✔

Hi there!

It is that time of year when high school students start the journey of finding the ‘right’ University. I thought I might help those who are still struggling by explaining to you why Brock was so tailored to my needs.

This past September I started as a first-year Business Administration student at Brock, and I am still as excited to be here as I was in day one. St. Catharines is a place to love along with the entire Niagara Region’s beauty. The Goodman School of Business, which I am currently enrolled in, is growing and opening the doors to opportunities like never before. With that, I have simply loved how well rounded Brock is and more importantly how Brock, in the few months I have been here, has taught me to flourish in all parts of my life.

I am telling you this because when I chose to come here, I did not know what to expect. But today I am reaching out to you because I believe that more people should know what drew me over to this amazing place.

I know choosing a university is something worth having cold-feet for. But, the one thing I wish I was told before ever having to choose was: there is no place that will seem to fit just right, until you try it on.

With this I do not mean to scare anyone away from the search. The thing is that many times, on paper some things will be odd for you. At Brock, I found an excellent business program, the mid-sized population I was looking for, and a beautiful campus in the Niagara Region. I ticked off from my checklist the most important things for me, and the things I felt scared about I simply ended up loving.

Living day by day in the Brock community is a beauty. At Brock, I feel as safe as I do at home, but with challenges and adventures that keep alive the desire to go out and experience something new. From my intramural soccer team to getting involved in business clubs, I have found a way to have fun and meet new people, always with a learning experience. The faculty is amazing, with professors who are not only knowledgeable but are always open and accessible, even if you encounter a larger lecture. And not only them but the Teacher’s Assistants are dedicated and helpful as the smaller size of the university allows having smaller sessions with them, being either labs or seminars.

Like I said, St. Catharines is beautiful and Brock is no exception. Lucky for me and other soccer/rugby/lacrosse fans, the new turf field is the best I have ever seen. Along with that my favorite exercise option, our own Olympic sized pool. Also to study there are many awesome places. Right now, I am sitting in my favorite study spot, in the Welch Hall where everything is nice and quiet in a beautiful modern building just waiting for you to “hit the books.” Or if you need some fresh air, I love taking a walk on the roof of the Thistle Complex, where on clear days you can see a breath-taking view of Toronto and the CN Tower across the lake.

Lastly, the University you choose will have a strong impact on your future, so take it seriously. But still, try to have fun with the process. There is no other time like being an undergraduate student, and there will be more joyful than stressful times. Brock is a lot of study, but there is always a way to have fun. I was attracted to Brock because over here we possess the passion for learning day by day, but we still develop ourselves as “humans” too. “For both sides of the brain” is Brock’s past motto, and it helped me realize that I had to take care of every aspect of my life.

If you are like me, you probably spend hours imagining what the future might be holding for you. The best advice: let it surprise you. Remember you are young once, so take the most out of it. Taking care of yourself means as much preparation as self-realization. And always remember, your future is in your hands, and hopefully you are considering Brock, because they are ready to fulfill all your needs!

‘Till the next one,

Eduardo Retes

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