One Unique Reason to Come to Brock!

Hey future badgers!

I understand that picking a university can be difficult, but let me fill you in on one very unique element that Brock has to offer! When you graduate, you will receive a degree in your program, and when you apply to jobs, that degree can be a requirement, but what will set you apart from other applicants with the same degree?

Your Experience Plus Transcript!

The experience plus transcript is a transcript that records your extracurricular activity throughout your time at Brock. Have an on-campus job? Track it! Volunteer at an event like Grape Stomp? Track it! Go home for the summer and work as an inclusion camp counselor? Apply to see if it can be tracked!  (Must be validated by the organization) That way, when you go to your job interview, the employer can see you degree, but also relevant experience you have had in the field, and other experiences with transferable skills.

The transcript is an official Brock document and can be used to show your commitment to professional development and your various areas of interest and growth. Come to Brock and you can start working on building your transcript right away!

Want to learn more? Click the link below to find out everything about Experience Plus!


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