Three Benefits of Having a Don in Residence

Hey Future Badgers!

Thinking about living in residence while you’re here? You will have a Don that lives near you!

For anyone who doesn’t know what a Don is, they are very similar to an R.A. (residence assistant). Essentially, they are an upper year student who lives within residence who helps ease the transition into university, and plans super fun events you can attend with people with people you meet within residence.

First off, I’ve already said it, your don will plan crazy fun events for you and those living around you. Not wanting to accept Summer is over? They can hold a campfire! Thinking about going to Halloween Haunt? They could take you! Want to have a huge dodge ball tournament? They can set it up! Whatever ideas you have, share them with your don and they will try to make your dreams a reality.

Secondly, they’ve made it through their first year. They may not be in the same program as you, but they’ve prepped for midterms, written papers, and powered through exams before. Aside from planning fun things, they can also create study groups for people in the same classes (I mean..studying is fun too right?). They’ve also been on campus for more than a year- they know their way around!

Lastly, for many of you, this will be your first time living away from home. Never had to do your own laundry? Your don can help! Never used public transit before? They’re there to help. Can’t cook quite yet? Get your don to run a cooking class!

Overall, your don is there to help you. As you start your own journey into living away from home, they can support you, and set you up for success for your years to come as a badger!

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