Hey there future badgers!

Whether you’re new to Brock U or you’re still looking at all your university choices, knowing how you can get involved is always an important aspect to think about. Getting involved is one of the best ways to make your experience here at Brock amazing. This Blog will outline just a couple of ways to get involved, meet people and have fun while you’re here in school!

1) Clubs – there are tons and tons of clubs that you can be a part of while you’re here at Brock. In fact there’s close to 90 ratified clubs on campus!¬†Clubs are organized through BUSU (Brock University Students Union) so be sure to check out all of the clubs listed here.

2) Sports – Stay active while you’re here at BU! Whether you want to play a varsity sport or just an intramural, there are tons of ways to play while you’re here. Interested in varsity? Check out the GoBadgers webpage to see our teams, fill out a new player form and contact coaches. Wanting to play sports at a less competitive level? Check out all of our intramural here.

3) Volunteer! – Volunteering is a great way to get involved and help out the community – whether its the Brock community, the Niagara community or the larger global community its always great to help out our fellow humans through volunteering. Check o

ut the Student life webpage for some opportunities that are available.

So there you have it my friends; just a few was you can get involved here on campus! Stay tuned for more blogs about things to do around campus.

Naomi – Out!


About Naomi

Hi there future badgers! My name is Naomi and I'm in my fourth year of the concurrent education, intermediate/senior stream with a drama major and a french minor, quite the mouthful I know - but basically it means that when I'm done here at Brock U I want to teach high school. So now you may be wondering why I chose Brock? I chose Brock because the minute I stepped on campus I felt at home. Brock had it all, the program, the community and the environment I was looking for in my post secondary school of choice. Want to hear more about my experiences? Check out my blog posts! feel free to ask any questions and I'll be happy to respond!

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