If you’re confused on what and LLC is- please check out my earlier post found HERE. As I mentioned in that post, every LLC also has a peer mentor. A peer mentor is an upper year student who either has the same interest, or is in the same program as the students in their LLC. I am currently the peer mentor for the concurrent education LLC housed in Earp Residence.

As a peer mentor, it is my job to do a few things. I help connect the group based on their interest/program to create bonds within their community, I plan events based on the concurrent education program as well, and connect them with resources both on and off campus that they can use in their first year and beyond to be successful in completing their degree, and over all help ease the transition from high school into university.

We recently just went to tour their professor’s offices, visited the IRC (Instructional Resource Centre), toured their academic advising offices, and met personally with their advisors and liaison librarians to connect them with the people who will support them for the next 6 years! Our next event will be academic workshops that actually count towards extra credit in one of their courses- bonus!

Lastly, in an academic based LLC, its not all work! We also have social events to break up all of the studying with great breaks that showcase different places the Niagara Region has to offer.

Apply while applying for residence and you could take advantage of this too!

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