Hi Everyone!

An LLC is a living and learning community within residence. When you apply for residence, there is an additional application to apply for this. It doesn’t cost anything to apply, or to live within and LLC! The living and learning communities at Brock can either be interest based, or academic based.

This year we currently have an LLC for Concurrent Education, Sport Management, Business, and Accounting, which are our academic based LLCs. We also have Volunteerism and Leadership, Healthy Fans and Fitness Plans, and the Arts House as our interest based LLCs. To the art students, have no fear, of course the Department of Residence recognizes that the Arts is a program, the only reason it is listed under interest based is because there are so many disciplines, we wanted to be inclusive off all arts students.

Basically an LLC is a group of students who are either in the same program, or have the same interest who live near each other within residence. This is an opportunity to meet like minded people. Our LLCs are roughly up to 20 members, so there will still be others living around you to connect with on other levels, but knowing you have like minded people near you can help ease those first year university jitters!

Don’t see a program or interest that caters to you? Every year on the application students can request/ inform us of what LLC they would like to see, and if there is enough interest we would be happy to run it!

Each LLC also has a peer mentor; you’ll have to check back later for another post on what they can do for the LLC students!

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