(Almost) FREE Things To Do In The Niagara Region

Hey there, future Badgers!

Living on a student budget doesn’t allow for the most frivolous lifestyle, however living in the Niagara Region provides many opportunities to explore the beauty that the community has to offer. With the universal bus pass (included in your tuition), this makes travelling around the region that much easier to do with only some pocket change!

Here are some ideas of things you can do with just your student pass (and a few good friends) in the comfort of the city:

Lakeside Park Carousel
The Lakeside Park Carousel is a century old tradition. This timeless tradition is only 5 cents a ride located in Port Dalhousie right by the lake. There are also Marina facilities located on site and the park provides an amazingly charming walk. The carousel is open every weekend from Victoria Day until Thanksgiving from 4pm to 8pm on Fridays and 10am-8pm on Saturdays and Sundays!

Grape and Wine Festival
The Niagara Region is home to over 88 wineries and is known for its fabulous vineyards. At the end of September, there are free concerts and demonstrations in Montabello Park downtown St. Catharines. Wine tasting is also available! The festival concludes with the Grand Parade and family festivities in the park.

Visiting Farmer Markets
The Niagara Region is famous for its rich agriculture and farmers markets. Visit one of the many farmer’s markets to pick up fresh local produce, homemade desserts, kettle corn, and other unique finds! Support the locals!

Morning Star Mill and Decew Falls
Great historical site and an amazing hike! Decew Falls is one of the most beautiful hiking spots in St. Catharines, right around the corner from Brock University. Not only are the falls breathtaking, but you can actually go swimming in the falls and spend the day hiking the gorgeous area. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures!!!

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