Our Amazing Seminar System at Brock

Hi Future Badgers!

As September comes to an end, I find myself wondering where the first month of school went. I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun! I hope all of you are feeling the same way about your first month of school as well ­čÖé Now that school is well under way, I decided I would share with you one of my favourite things about my classes here at Brock: SEMINARS!

Here at Brock, we love having a personal and welcoming community which shows even through our class structure. ┬áDuring your first year, you will typically experience larger class sizes because the information is more generalized for introductory courses. ┬áThe largest class size you would ever have at Brock is around 450 to 500 students. This may seem a little bit intimidating, but I assure you it is not and I actually quite enjoyed the classes in my first year which were this size! ┬áClass sizes do get smaller as you progress through to your upper years, but I will focus on first year for now… let’s not get too carried away!

In addition to these lectures where the professor stands at the front (usually with a slideshow up on the screen), there will usually be a seminar each week as well. The seminar will be broken down to include just about 20 students (WAY smaller than the lecture) and it is facilitated by a Teaching Assistant, typically a Masters student.  Seminars are your chance to connect with members of your class and also your Teaching Assistant.  This is where you will have the opportunity to discuss lecture topics further to ensure understanding by all students.  If you have any questions about what you learned in lecture for that week, it is wise to take this chance to ask your Teaching Assistant during seminar to clear up any confusion!  Seminars may also include group presentations, small quizzes, or group discussions.  All of these aspects, in my opinion, have significantly enhanced my learning even now in my third year as a Badger.

My favourite part about seminars is that it is such an easy way to make friends in your program since it is a smaller interactive setting.  The Teaching Assistants are also very approachable which is helpful as well.

I hope that gave you a little bit of insight into how seminars work here at Brock!

I hope everyone enjoys the beginning of fall as we quickly enter October,

Emily ­čÖé

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