Hey Guys!

While there are wayyyyy more than 5 reasons to come to Brock my top 5 are as follows:

1. Tight knit community – you can find some of the greatest people in Canada here at Brock University. Whether they are fellow students or even faculty, the environment here at Brock are that we all work together and and stick together. Once you are a Badger you are always a Badger!!

2. Student life (on and off campus) – There are so many things to get involved in on and off campus whether it be school events, volunteering, clubs, or sports. There is something for everyone! One of my favourites is definitely intramurals as you meet so many new and fun people that are similar and diverse in so many ways.

3. Seminars – Seminars may sound scary at first, but they are actually a great way to make connections with other students in your program/classes. They also offer the opportunity to get the added help you may need in the course from your either your teaching assistant (TA) or your prof!

4. Co-op programs – Brock has one of the largest Co-op programs in Canada! Co-op adds extra experience and is an important part of many programs offered here! It allows students that go here an extra edge when going out into the work place and/or post graduate programs, as it aids in experiential learning and helps to build up your resume while attending Brock and post-graduation.

5. Ryan Gosling has stepped foot in Brock (and I mean who wouldn’t want to share the same seat as him)

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