Experience. The Brock Booth at OUF. Come to Brock!

Deciding on what post-secondary institution you want to go to after high school is a HUGE decision, and a very important decision as well. That is why in grade 10, my mother and I started looking at universities. She wanted me to know all of my options before making the big decision. One of the first interactions that I ever had with Brock University was at the Ontario University Fair (OUF) in Toronto, Ontario. In grade 10 you aren’t really sure on what questions to ask or what you even what to study at University. Once I stepped in the Brock University booth, I felt welcomed by all of the friendly faces of current students, academic advisors and even professors! When asked what I wanted to study, I had no idea, the student ambassador that I was talking to asked what subjects that I enjoyed in school. I really enjoyed Parenting, Family Studies and cooking classes. The student ambassador suggested that I look into programs within the Social Sciences Stream. Looking through the view book I was amazed to see how much programs there were! Brock offered Child and Youth Studies Film Studies, Labour Studies, Political Science, Popular Culture, Psychology, Sociology, Women and Gender Studies and many more! I didn’t understand what any of these programs were because I had never taken these types of classes in high school. I then asked the student ambassador what program she was in, she replied saying that she started in Concurrent Education, but then switched to Child and Youth Studies. I enjoyed listening to her experiences and she was greatly interested in me and what I wanted out of my university experience. I left the Ontario University Fair and the Brock University Booth that day feeling both inspired and already apart of the Brock University community.  Now in my fourth year of Child & Youth Studies and Sociology at Brock University, I always reflect on that first interaction that I had with Brock at OUF and how it was one of the most life changing experiences and I have experienced.

So I encourage you whether you are in 9th grade, 12th grade, your 5th year, a transfer student or even a mature student to attend the Brock University booth at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre from September 23-25, 2016. Get more information about applying to university, residences, academic programs and campus life from faculty and staff across the entire university. https://discover.brocku.ca/ouf/


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