Hey Baby Badgers,

Have you ever wondered what courses you’ll be taking when you come to Brock? Or how the layout of your program works? Or maybe if you are in a coop program you wonder when you will be going out for your work terms? All of this information can be found online here: Webcalendar

These undergraduate calendars may change a little year to year, however if you want a general idea of what your program outline will look like, make sure to check this link out! My favourite part about the undergraduate calendars is when you select a program, if you scroll down to the very bottom of the page, you can see all of the courses in that program, with descriptions, that you can have the opportunity to take at Brock.

So make sure to take a peak at the webcalendar to see what the future would look like if you become a Badger. I’m telling you…it can only get more exciting!!

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