For those of you that worry about leaving your small class sizes in high school, DON’T! Brock runs off of a seminar based system for all classes. Depending on what program you are in, these seminars may be called labs or tutorials however, for the purpose of my blog I am going to refer to them as seminars.

Lectures are common at all universities where students will sit in a lecture hall as they take notes and listen to their professor who is lecturing at the front. But Brock offers something unique! At Brock, you’re not “just a number”…you are actually known by name!

This is done through seminars. Brock offers seminars which provides students with an environment that they are familiar with. Along with lectures for each class, students attend these seminars which are classes of around 20 students. This provides students the opportunity to actively engage with the material they learn from lecture as they work alongside their peers and fellow classmates and their Teaching Assistant. The students in seminar practically apply their knowledge to relevant discussions.

This is an example of a seminar room at Brock:

Also, students get marked for participating in these discussions which can be a huge mark booster in your classes if you show up to seminar prepared and participate or ask questions. You can also visit your professors and your Teaching Assistants at their office hours and really build a connection with them if you have any questions or concerns regarding your class or your program in general.

The seminar system that Brock has helped me make the connection with lecture material and my course readings. Due to seminars being in a small classroom environment, I’m able to share and learn with my classmates in a more comfortable setting.

So you don’t have to be shy to raise your hand in seminar! Its a comforting environment working with you peers in a small class size.

So Baby Badgers, get ready to actively participate and have your questions ready to fully understand your lecture material!

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