Whatever You Interests, Brock has the Club for You!

Hey there, Baby Badgers!

Over my past three years here at Brock, I have learned one very important thing: getting involved is the key to making your university years fun! I have had the opportunity to volunteer and work across the campus which helped me meet a lot of new people and have tons of new experiences!

But lately, I’ve been thinking about joining a club. Luckily, I have 80 unique clubs to choose from! Here are a few that caught my attention:

Brock Art Collective: An opportunity for artists to get involved in the art community of St. Catharines and to bring awareness to fine/digital/performance art!

Best Buddies Brock: An organization that connects Brock students with adults with intellectual disabilities, creating one-to-one friendships!

Crafting for a Cure: A volunteering opportunity at a hospital where you do age-level crafts with the younger patients to take their minds off their worries/fears!

Playmakers: For the athletes who want to give back! This club organizes sport tournaments whose proceeds go to the underprivileged locally and globally!

It’s always fun to meet students that have the same interests as you! So use that “other” side of your brain and get involved at Brock!

Visit http://www.busu.net/involvement/clubs/ to learn more!

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