A tough decision, an easy choice!

Hey badgers,

Today I thought I would give you some reasons for why I chose to come to Brock for university. One of the reasons I loved Brock from the first visit was because of the welcoming environment it had. After coming to campus for Smart Start I knew that I had made the best decision for my future.  The university is mid-sized which means I am able to meet new people everyday but also run into friends wherever I am on campus. The university has such a welcoming feel that the minute I step on campus I feel at home. Now, that’s something very unique to Brock that I’m so thankful for!

As well, Child and Youth studies is a very unique program at Brock that gives students an in depth understanding of children and youth in various perspectives such as psychological and sociological. The Child and Youth program was one of the main reasons I chose to come to Brock. Upon coming to Brock I knew I wanted to pursue a future with youth and that I wanted to learn more about how to interact with them appropriately and make sure their needs are being met. One of my favourite parts about Brock is that the Child and Youth studies program is equipped with amazing professors that are always willing to help and are extremely passionate about the topic they teach. Throughout my 3 years of studying at Brock I have come across amazing educators who, not only are experts in the field, but also share their inspirations in different topics regarding children and youth. I have had the chance to take various CHYS courses that have further developed my understanding of children and youth.

So whether you’re looking for a school that will help you successfully ease into the transition from high school to university, or you’re passionate about youth and children, Brock is sure to meet all of your needs!

And if this post is irrelevant to your life right now because you’ve already decided to come to Brock…. all I can say is


About Kristen

Hey fellow badgers! I am a third year student in Child and Youth Studies and my name is Kristen. Through my experience at Brock I have received adequate learning alongside meaningful experiences that have positively influenced my years at Brock. Before university I was very nervous for the transition, but through interactions with professors and fellow students I am completely comfortable and content to call Brock University my home away from home! Through the specific courses and experiences I have had at Brock I have developed a passion to work with youth at risk.

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