Scholarships, Awards, and Bursaries, Oh My!

Hey Future Badgers!!

Have you heard about the OneApp Scholarship and Bursary Application? If you haven’t I’ll give you a quick explanation. Normally, students have to search far and wide for scholarships and awards that they are eligible to apply for. This takes a lot of time, and as future students it can be hard to know what kinds of awards are even available to students. The options are nearly endless, which is amazing by the way!!

Let’s face it, all of you future students have plenty of other things on your minds during this time of year (it TRULY is March Madness!), and applying for countless scholarships is just another stressor added to everything else you are all keeping yourselves busy with! The OneApp can eliminate the search for scholarships, because it is exactly what it sounds like — One Application. Instead of filling all of the applications out separately, all you have to do is fill it all out on one, which makes your lives A LOT easier!! How do we do this, you ask? The OneApp can be accessed through your portal, which you have likely already activated if you have applied to Brock. The application is easy to fill out, and you can save it and come back to it later, if you don’t want to fill it all out at once! Awards can be based on anything from academic success to financial need, or even community involvement. There are even some program specific awards! For example, some of these pertain to students who will be a part of the Goodman School of Business!

To remind you just how awesome the OneApp really is, there’s over $1,000,000 worth of scholarships, awards, and bursaries available to students! The OneApp will take all of the information you have provided, and associate that with any awards you may be eligible for, and then you will be reviewed, and finally notified if you have received any!

The most important reason that I am even telling you about this, is because the OneApp is DUE on THURSDAY, MARCH 31st, which is quickly approaching!!! So now that you know all about the OneApp, get those applications in, folks!

Also, I hope that everyone has a Happy Easter and enjoys the long weekend!!


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