The Difference between High School and University Classes

Hey future Badgers, Naomi here again!

So by now you definitely have the swing of things in high school. You know where all your classes are, you know the expectations and you know your way to success in those classes. But now you’re ready to take the next steps and come to a post- secondary school, so I’m sure you’re beginning to wonder “how much different can university really be?”

Well I’m here to tell you some of the differences between school in high school and school in university. The list below outlines some of the differences you  can expect once you become a Brock Badger

  • Time management is a lot different. In high school you have time to work on some assignments in class and timelines are laid out for you. In university you manage your own time. You choose when you do assignments (as long as you hand them in on time)
  • Lectures are a thing. In high school you have classes with about 30 of your peers, in university some lectures are 300 of your peers (don’t let that scare you though there are seminars, tutorials and labs which is my next point)
  • There are seminars, tutorials and labs! These things are time you spend on top of the regular class where you go and meet with about 20 of your peers and a teaching assistant or your professor. During this time you delve into the course material a little deeper. In labs you’ll do experiments, and in tutorials and seminars you talk about the course content and get to know the content a little better. These classes also provide great opportunities to ask questions that you didn’t get to ask in lecture.
  • Attendance is not taken! Just because they may not notice that  you’re not there doesn’t mean you don’t have to go. Profs provide tons of information that might not be in the readings and homework so going is pretty important to your learning. Plus university isn’t free so you might as well get your moneys worth out of your lectures!
  • Readings. Lots and lots of classes require you to read the chapters of textbooks on your own before the next class. Most profs will post the what you should be reading online.
  • Independence! Coming to university comes with some extra freedom. If you’re not living at home you don’t have your parents/caregivers there to remind you of things that you need to do. So that means you have to be more independent, staying organized is the best way to keep on top of things and insert your independence.

So there you have it Future Badgers, some differences between high school and university and some of what you can do to help get adjusted to your new  life as a Badger!

See you at Brock!

Naomi- out!


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Hi there future badgers! My name is Naomi and I'm in my fourth year of the concurrent education, intermediate/senior stream with a drama major and a french minor, quite the mouthful I know - but basically it means that when I'm done here at Brock U I want to teach high school. So now you may be wondering why I chose Brock? I chose Brock because the minute I stepped on campus I felt at home. Brock had it all, the program, the community and the environment I was looking for in my post secondary school of choice. Want to hear more about my experiences? Check out my blog posts! feel free to ask any questions and I'll be happy to respond!

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