Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before Coming to Brock 2/2

Here are more current students’ ideas on what they wish they would have known before coming to Brock!

“I wish I would have learned how to cook actual food!”

– Paige-2nd year Kinesiology

“I wish I knew that its totally okay to talk to your profs I think I would have got a lot more from my first year!”

-Molly-2nd year CHYS

“I wish I knew that it’s ok to let other people support me, in addition to me supporting them. And that doing this often leads to stronger relationships”

-Kailey- 4th year Biochemistry

“Bring your rain boots! I found it rained here more often than home, and I hate having wet socks!”

-Doreen- 4th year Con.Ed.

“I wish I would have known how much green space there is here! In a city I wasn’t expecting so many trails and trees”

-Cass- 5th year Con. Ed

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