A great opportunity that Brock has that you future Badgers can take advantage of is to get ahead in your degree. Students can do this by taking spring or summer courses. These courses run from May-August depending on which course students register for.

There are plenty of options for spring/summer courses. To see an example, check out the website for spring and summer courses this year!

Students have the opportunity to register for:

1. Online Classes:

– This gives students the opportunity to take a class online from the comfort of their home

– Students submit assignments through an online portal and receive lecture videos or lecture presentations online as well

2. Accelerated Classes:

– Could you imagine being done a credit or half a credit in one week?

– Accelerated courses can be anywhere from 1-2 weeks

– If you give 100% of your focus on that course for that short period of time, you will succeed and be finished a credit or half a credit in the blink of an eye!

3. Regular Spring/Summer Courses

– These courses can last between a month or two months and students will be required to attend lecture and seminar during the week on scheduled dates and times.

Spring and Summer courses are an awesome way for Badgers to get ahead and complete credits!! So if you want to lighten your course load or simply take an extra course that seems interesting, definitely look into Spring and Summer courses when you become a Baby Badger!

– Jacqueline 🙂

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