Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before Coming to Brock 1/2

Are you worried about coming to Brock?

Do all your friends have older siblings who are able to give them the inside scoop to university?

Look no further future badgers! Here is a list of things that current Brock students wish they would have been told before coming here!

“I wish I had already known sewing technique entering university so that I didn’t have as much of a learning curve now”

-Johnathan-Dramatic Arts co-op, production and design concentration

“I wish I knew more about osap and SAFA (Student Award and Financial Aid)”

**Please visit Student Award and Financial Aid’s website

– Natalie-2nd year Media and Communication

“I wish I had known it’s okay to explore your passions in post-secondary. I was really hard on myself for taking such a wide range of subjects for a long time but I’ve realized it’s okay to explore for a while!”

-Kat- 2nd year Music – Performance

“I wish I had more information about online campus resources, clubs and recreation services”

**For a list of all Brock’s clubs click here!

-Erika- 2nd year Kinesiology

“I wish I knew more about basic life skills and how to take care of myself on my own. Things like basic first aid were a struggle in first year without mom!”

-Jayson- 3rd year Con. Ed.

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