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Hey Baby Badgers!

As I sit here taking my nightly break from homework, I can’t help but think about how fast the past 4 years have gone. Here I am having my grad photos on Friday! GRAD PHOTOS! In four very short years, you guys will be scheduling your grad photos too!

All that aside, I thought I would do a short blog series of some of my most favourite Brock related memories. I have a TON of memories, but I will limit myself to four, one memory for each year!

First year… It would be absolutely impossible to pick just one memory from first year; I think it is by far my favourite year at Brock. Each day was full of new things, and although the transition from high school to university was tough at times, the friends I made and the memories I have, will forever be some of my favourite times spent at Brock. Now, because I can’t actually pick one memory, I am going to tell you why I loved my residence and why a lot of favourite memories were created there.

I was placed in a double room in Decew, for those of you that haven’t seen it, Decew residence is a traditional style dorm, with 10-12 people per floor, two communal bathrooms, and two common rooms. This set up made it so you almost always ran into people on your floor, whether it was on your way to the bathroom or on your way to class, and it is often the reason why residents in the Decew Dorm, create such a strong friendship. The friends I made in my first year were the ones that MADE my first year. We traveled in packs it seemed; if one was hungry for dinner we would all go and eat dinner– you could even say they were my second family.

In the common room areas, there is usually a couch, a chair and a table on each side; my floor decided to move all of the furniture to one side so we all had a place to sit and hang out. I can still picture all 12 of us sitting in the common area during the first week here at Brock talking about high school, and just our lives in general, this was awesome because it really helped us get to know each other on our own terms. From then on the friendships amongst us all blossomed, and I couldn’t imagine my first year without them!

I will always think of the third floor Spider Monkeys of the 2012/2013 year, as my first year family!

Until next time baby badgers,

Brock On!


About Michelle

Hey Badgers, my name is Michelle and I am going into my forth year here at Brock University studying Drama in Education! I am hoping to someday be a teacher, or to work closely in schools with intellectually challenged individuals! Brock University has so much to offer, both educationally and socially. I for example, am a part of the BrockU Best Buddies chapter where you are matched with an intellectually challenged individual and spark a friendship allowing them to feel included, and give them numerous leadership and social opportunities! I look forward to writing weekly blogs for you and will hopefully make some of you laugh with my silly stories, all the while giving you a better understanding of BrockU life!

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