Hello again Badgers

I thought today I would talk to you a bit about studying and a method that I found to be very effective. Now I know we all have our own ways to be studious. After we get through that hour and a half binge of netflix-watching or facebook stalking we’re just about ready to start reading our 18 page paper for Sociology of families (sounds interesting doesn’t it)

I know, I know ..it’s definitely hard to click the pause button on that oh-so-interesting tv show, but you’ll thank me later.

One of the ways that like to study or do homework is with some friends. Since I have most of my classes with some close friends, it can come in really handy when there’s an exam coming up. I mean, it doesn’t always have to end up like this:

If you are committed enough and encouraging each other, studying with friends does not have to be a bad thing! For me, I find it can be a positive experience as friends can motivate you to “keep truckin’ along”. As well, it’s always fun to think of creative study breaks you can have as incentives to working diligently without being distracted.

All this to say, whether you study alone or with a group, make sure you take advantage of the many places you can study at Brock. Whether it’s the ITS computer commons, the different floors in the library, booking a study room, or sitting in General Brock, there is always a place to study and be productive!

Practice good studying skills and productivity now future Badgers, it will pay off!!!


About Kristen

Hey fellow badgers! I am a third year student in Child and Youth Studies and my name is Kristen. Through my experience at Brock I have received adequate learning alongside meaningful experiences that have positively influenced my years at Brock. Before university I was very nervous for the transition, but through interactions with professors and fellow students I am completely comfortable and content to call Brock University my home away from home! Through the specific courses and experiences I have had at Brock I have developed a passion to work with youth at risk.

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