Wouldn’t it be nice if we all had a chance to receive money based on being ourselves? Well, it’s your lucky day! You can access an application called the “OneApp” through your Brock portal. The OneApp allows you to apply for multiple scholarships and bursaries in just one shot. You can choose if you’d like to answer questions based on financial need, volunteer/life experience, background information, etc… I’m sure it’s not just me who loves getting money! Make sure you apply by the deadline, March 31st!

Need a bit extra? Don’t forget about the Ontario Students Assistance Program (OSAP)! OSAP helps students who are in need of some financial assistance. It consists of a loan based on your level of financial need as well as a 30% off tuition bursary. The great thing is you don’t have to start paying off the loan until six months AFTER you have finished your post-secondary education.

So say YES to money and apply for the OneApp and OSAP!

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