Hey Baby Badgers,

Normally I pride myself on never getting sick. My roommates can all have a cold, and miraculously, I will never get it. However, this year has been the year of illnesses for me, I have had strep throat, bronchitis, the common cold and ear infections. I have experienced all these things in the last five months. In the past four years of university I have never had to go to the clinic because of my superior immune system. This year, however, I have more than made up for this… I have basically lived at the clinic. Boy oh boy is it helpful to have these services on campus.

I’m sure most of you have toured our beautiful school by now (if not, I strongly recommend checking it out!). Right by South Block, you may recall exiting the school and being pointed to Harrison Hall. This is our Health Services building, commonly referred to as the clinic. At the clinic we have numerous doctors and nurses readily available! In all of my experiences at the clinic I have been dealt with by the loveliest of staff. The health care professionals employed at the clinic are awesome, super patient (as I have a million questions about everything!!) and very informative.

Why is it so important to have a clinic right on campus?! Well, just make a call and book an appointment for a time you have a break between classes! This way you don’t have to waste time in a waiting room worrying about catching that nasty cough the girl beside you has, or looking at the bruised and swollen wrist the guy in front of you is cradling. Also, when you’re sick you likely only want to go to class and go home to watch Netflix. Who has time for wandering around St. Kitts looking for a clinic?? Also, we have a pharmacy right across the street from Brock. Sooo after your appointment just pop over to the pharmacy, hand in your prescription, run over to the Tim’s beside it to grab a tea, and then your meds are ready and you can head home!!

Having a clinic right on campus is something I never thought to be important until this year of antibiotics, endless cough drops and never ending cups of honey lemon tea!

Bye for now,


Ps: I am sure many of you are currently writing (or studying for) your high school exams! Good luck future Badgers!!


About Meaghan

Hey future badgers! My name is Meaghan and I am going into my fourth year of Child and Youth Studies with hopes of one day becoming an Occupational Therapist! I have absolutely loved my past four years at Brock! I am a part of the Brock Leaders Citizenship Society (BLCS) which has given me the opportunity to meet friends at Brock in all different years and faculties. Additionally, I spent second semester of third year in Edinburgh, Scotland -- which was an amazing experience! Although I had a wonderful time travelling last semester, I am really excited to be back at Brock for my last year! Throughout these past four years Brock has become a second home to me, and I can't wait to introduce you to it!

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