Hey future badgers! I know it can be daunting picking what school you could potentially attend for the next 4 years of your life, so I thought I’d help you out and tell you why I chose Brock University as my home!

I’ll be honest with you, I applied to 3 schools without visiting campuses… I do not suggest this! If you can come and check out Brock, I highly recommend it. Here are the top 5 reasons why I ended up choosing Brock:

1) I’m from a small town. The population of our residences here at Brock is roughly the same as the population of my hometown. Brock gave me enough space to explore, but not too big that I felt like I was lost in the traffic!

2) The Residence Action Council (RAC). I was the involved student in high school; student council president, athletic association auction convenor, payed varsity sports, I wanted to be involved! RAC is like student council for residence students so it allowed me to become involved at Brock, and create another family I could lean on.

3)Location.  It was close enough to home that I could visit when I wanted to, but not close enough that I would go home every week. This encouraged me to stay on campus and make connections with students in the same position as me!

4) The program. I looked at what courses I would be expected to take throughout my Concurrent Education degree here at Brock, and I found that Brock’s program ensured that I was well rounded in all subjects as I needed to take a science, humanities, history and geography etc before I graduated.

5) I wanted a new adventure. Although I had been to Niagara Falls, I had never visited St. Catharines. There are so many things to do here both on and off campus, Teghan, one of our other student bloggers talks about a few things in her post such as a local Café Crawl.

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