I have written two blogs now explaining Brock residence in general, but now I want to share my residence experience with all of you incoming students. Here are some pictures of what my room looked like last year when I lived in Earp:

These pictures of my room were taken during first semester. By the end of second semester, I had Christmas lights hanging and a photo collage all over my wall! Residence is like your second home and you can decorate it however you like. Obviously you cannot drill or poke holes in the wall however anything that you can stick to the wall with “stickies”, you can hang up (A tip I tell people is at the North and South Service Desks located on campus, they give out free stickies to students in order to decorate their room).

Personally I knew I wanted a single room because I like my own individual space and my privacy. I loved living in Earp Residence because the whole building was single rooms. on my floor there was around 50 people (co-ed floors) and I can honestly say I knew everyone of them 🙂 Your residence floor really becomes your community and I even called them my second family.

I was never bored on residence! Whether it was floor meetings or movie night or just hanging out in the lounge there was always something to do. Each floor has a mascot and my floor was the Barracudas. There is a campus wide competition and a building wide competition to see which floor/court/stairwell wins the most points by attending events. Some of may favourite events were karaoke night, ice cream sundae night and manhunt. My absolute favourite was during frosh week when there was the residence games. There were inflatable obstacle courses and games everywhere that each floor participated in to win points.

Residence is truly what you make of it. Go decorate your room, go knock on everyones door and say hi and participate in as many events as possible. Residence was the best decision I could have made as a first year student because I made friends that will last a lifetime 🙂

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  1. avatar Joanne says:

    I am a mom of a potential future student and trying to find info regarding the residences at Brock. You mentioned you were on a co-ed floor. Are all residences co-ed? If you can’t answer that can you direct me to who I could ask? I have been combing the internet for answers and thought I would ask you. Thanks.

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