Hey Hey Hey Baby Badgers!

“Back to the same old bump and grind”

… Or at least that’s what some people say. I say it’s a fresh start and a new beginning. Whether you are in a full year course or starting a new half credit course; the beginning of the semester is always exciting! It also helps that Brock University Student Union aka BUSU, puts on a great Frost Week from January 11- January 14th, with free give aways, great concerts and fun events all week!

Heres a quick list of Brock 2016 Frost week!

Monday is the day of freebees, with breakfast in the morning and hot chocolate in the afternoon, make sure to check both events out because, you will quickly learn NEVER to say no to free food! BUSU is also putting on a Music Trivia on Monday night, and the tag line is “As long as you love music, you are guaranteed to have a great time!”

Tuesday is screaming more free stuff, with Davids Tea give aways, the vendor fair and a comedy night, you can bet your bottom, you will be laughing your way home at the end of the day with free stuff and maybe some jokes you can claim as your own.. at least when your talking to the friends that didn’t go to the comedy night with you…

Wednesday – – everyone says get involved at school, and what better way then to check out the club fair on Wednesday and find something perfect for you. Then make sure to head home and get your dancing shoes, and glow sticks for this years Big Ticket Concert for Frost week.

Thursday– Wrapping up a great week, BUSU has planned for Issac’s to go Interactive with activities like sumo wrestling and archery; they also are turning things around at General Brock to host their second Supermarket Sweep, followed by a Café crawl!

What happens on Friday ? Well that is for everyone to finally realize that as much fun as school is there is also a tiny amount of work to do, so Friday is the day you catch up and get organized for the exciting semester you have ahead of you!

For more information about this years frost week, check out  the link !

BrockU Frost Week 2016

Thats all for now future badgers!

Later days!


About Michelle

Hey Badgers, my name is Michelle and I am going into my forth year here at Brock University studying Drama in Education! I am hoping to someday be a teacher, or to work closely in schools with intellectually challenged individuals! Brock University has so much to offer, both educationally and socially. I for example, am a part of the BrockU Best Buddies chapter where you are matched with an intellectually challenged individual and spark a friendship allowing them to feel included, and give them numerous leadership and social opportunities! I look forward to writing weekly blogs for you and will hopefully make some of you laugh with my silly stories, all the while giving you a better understanding of BrockU life!

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