WOW! First semester has come and gone. Time flies… at school.

Future Badgers, speaking from 3.5 semesters of experience, I have to tell you just how fast the semester actually goes. I won’t lie, things get tough, with assignments, presentations, and exams; you may feel a little stressed out at times. But, again, from my experience,  you just have to  take things one thing at a time, and remember just how fast the semester (and your 4 years at one of the best universities out there) does in fact go, and revel in the extremely exciting and fastest 4 years of your life!

All that being said, I will leave you with one piece of advise; don’t let those occasional stressful times get you down, and take advantage of all the opportunities that come your way over your time spent at Brock with academics, clubs, sports, and social opportunities outside of school, cause they are what will create some of the your best memories at Brock Univeristy.

Now, with the perfect Christmas playlist found, and the Christmas ornaments out, I am going to go decorate the tree because….

Later Days Baby Badgers

Happy Holidays and Have a Safe and Happy New Year!


About Michelle

Hey Badgers, my name is Michelle and I am going into my forth year here at Brock University studying Drama in Education! I am hoping to someday be a teacher, or to work closely in schools with intellectually challenged individuals! Brock University has so much to offer, both educationally and socially. I for example, am a part of the BrockU Best Buddies chapter where you are matched with an intellectually challenged individual and spark a friendship allowing them to feel included, and give them numerous leadership and social opportunities! I look forward to writing weekly blogs for you and will hopefully make some of you laugh with my silly stories, all the while giving you a better understanding of BrockU life!

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