A Brock Job on Campus for Every Personality Pt.1: The Athletic & Academic

Welcome back! While giving a tour recently I was asked about Undergraduate student jobs at Brock University. When I started to point out all of the places students worked on campus I realized quickly that just about every tour ‘hotspot’ location had a campus job opportunity. Further, I realized each opportunity had its own special perks and could appeal to a number of different student personalities.

To best highlight the jobs on campus I’ve decided to showcase some of the students currently holding these positions and have them tell you directly how great it is to be a working Brock Badger!

Wilson “The Social Scholar”

Meet Wilson! A Psychology major in his third year as well as a Learning Commons Peer Assistant who can be found working at the Help Desk at the James A. Gibson Library and Matheson Learning Commons. Wilson assists students looking to use services in the library, which could include signing up for any of the A-Z learning Services Workshops or something as simple as finding a book in the library.

Wilson was kind (and modest) enough to share with you some of his tips for job search success,

Sometime during the winter months, I checked out Brock’s student employment portal (called CareerZONE) and applied for the position, which started in September. I feel that volunteering on campus gave me a competitive edge for the position (as well as my more than stellar personality)”

And finally, when asked what his favourite part of this job was, he boosted his fellow Badgers,

“My favourite part of the job is running into all the people you help. There are a ton of really awesome students in the Brock community and getting to know them has been a definite plus in my books (no pun intended)”

Taylor “The Athletic Advocate”

As a personal trainer at The Zone (our on campus fitness facility), Taylor ensures that community members and students at Brock are safe and knowledgable with their technique and when using facility equipment. Taylor, a fourth year student in the Concurrent Education Program (majoring in Physical Education with a Biology teachable), is also available for personal training which can be purchased at the Walker Complex Welcome Desk.

“We are all certified personal trainers and also teach many of the classes that take place in the fitness studio throughout the week. I personally co-teach Extreme Fit Bootcamp this semester.”

For anyone interested, applications for this position go up in second semester on CareerZone. Taylor had a few extra tips to consider before applying;

“You must have or be in the processes of attaining your personal training certification from a recognized company in Canada. Anyone who is interested in applying for the upcoming year don’t be shy, come talk to any of the trainers at the desk in the Zone, we are more than willing to help out!”

And finally, when asked about his favourite part of the job,

“The tight knit community that everyone talks about every day. By having an on campus position you really feel connected to the surrounding student body and have the chance to meet a lot of people!”

Check back in next week to learn about other great jobs on campus and to meet some more of the wonderful working Badgers here at Brock!


About Riley

Hey Badgers! My name is Riley and I am going into my fourth and final year at Brock University in the Psychology program. In my leisure time as well as my area of study, I love learning about the how's and why's of human behaviour and what makes us influential. I am originally from a small town in Northern Ontario and really enjoy the outdoors. I’ve been fortunate enough to have been involved at Brock in different capacities. Beyond being a student I've been involved at Brock as a Residence Building Advocate, a Brock University Student Union Ice Breaker, a Co-op student, a Research Assistant, and a volunteer at multiple campus events. I'm very excited about my two new roles on campus as a Brock Ambassador and Teaching Assistant, and I can't wait to share some of my experiences. Take a read and leave some love, I want to hear from you!

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