Hey future Badgers,

For us at Brock, first semester is coming to an end!! There are 3 more weeks left of classes and then…exams. Exam season can be stressful and yes they can seem a bit scary…

…but they aren’t that bad!!

Here are some tips I have to share with you for when you will be studying for exams:

1. I would say it is always important to stay organized. You need to stay on top of your readings and your schoolwork so that you will be prepared to set out a study schedule.

2. Prioritize your time. In university you may have exams on the same day or even have several exams back to back (For example this winter I have 4 exams in 5 days). Plan ahead using your organizational skills to ensure that you are studying for a certain subject when it is most important. Also make sure you plan your time accordingly to be able to study for all classes.

3. Make sure you have all of your notes. Sometimes when life gets busy or you get sick you may need to skip a class. Ensure that before exam time you have all the notes for your class. Maybe ask your friend or a classmate for the one(s) you missed.

4. Actually do your textbook readings. I always tell people to read all of the textbook or online articles you have been given because often profs will pull questions directly from the readings.

All in all, when it comes to studying do not stress yourself out. Go get some ice cream at Decew Dining Hall and go play some ping pong at CJs lounge. If you organize your time wisely and take breaks to de-stress, you will ace your finals. Future Badgers remember to study hard and it will pay off!

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