Get in the Groove: Brock Study Tips

Hi everyone,

So it’s the middle of midterm season and all of us students are thinking, “How do I get into that study-time crunch?” Here are some tips and tricks of how to stay on top of everything:

1)      WRITE it down: Calendars are a student’s best friend. I have a giant calendar in my room where I write all my assignments, tests, quizzes etc. This way all of the important dates jump out at you every time you walk past it!

2)      JOIN study groups: Find a friend or two in your courses that you can get together with once a week to go over any material you are confused about. Aside from getting a better grade in the course, this also helps you meet new people in your program!

3)      TAKE a breather: We are not built to be able to sit and study for hours on end. Remember to take study breaks every hour or so. Recharge your batteries, it’s okay to watch a show or go on social media in between studying; you deserve it!

4)      HAVE fun: I know it sounds silly to have fun while doing school work, but try keeping your study habits interesting. Try putting the definitions you need to memorize to the tune of a song. Little things like this make studying much easier and way more entertaining!

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