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I don’t know about you, but I love knowing random, weird and wonderful facts. So I decided to take a quick study break and find some weird and wonderful facts about Brock for both our sakes. Some proved very useful, and some will hopefully make you laugh.. because I definitely had a couple laughs.

Nevertheless, after about a half hour of research, here are some of my findings…

  1. There are 7 Faculties at Brock University(Check out our View Book or the website for more information)
  2. On a clear day, you can see the Toronto skyline when standing at certain spots on campus, AND if you happen to find yourself on the 13th floor of the tower, you can even tell if the Rogers centre is open!
  3. Brock University was listed in the “Huffington Post’s” list of Coolest Classes In Canada the study of The Art of Clown-Doctoring and Wine and Winemaking.
  4. At the new Marilyn I. Walker School for Fine and Performing Arts, there is a staircase painted pink, “Million Dollar Pink” to be exact, Marilyn I. Walker -who donated 15 million dollars to the new building- chose this color!
  5. Andrew Tinnish is the Assistant General Manager of the Toronto Blue Jays, and Kyle Dubas is the Assistant General Manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs, both of these accomplished young men graduated from none other than the Brock University Sports Management program! (LETS GO BOYS!)
  6. The are over 2,389 residence beds, and 7 residences. (The newest building being and upper year building)
  7. Brock University opened in 1964, and as of November 2014; more than 85,000 students have graduated.
  8. On February 13th 2013, the students of Brock University published their very own Harlem Shake video! (Oh the honey badgers are just crazy).
  9. Brock is all about for the students by the students, there are a ton of opportunities to get involved with jobs on campus, from the library to the campus store and everything in between, you can find a job you love!
  10. Want to see more? Come and check out fall preview day on November 8th! Can’t make that day?  Book your own personal tour; maybe at the end of the day you will be able to add some more weird and wonderful facts!

If I come across any more facts I will be sure to post them for you, but for now I will leave you with the link to the best University Harlem Shake, try and find me, I’m the one dancing like a crazy Brock Badger… Oh wait, thats everyone!



About Michelle

Hey Badgers, my name is Michelle and I am going into my forth year here at Brock University studying Drama in Education! I am hoping to someday be a teacher, or to work closely in schools with intellectually challenged individuals! Brock University has so much to offer, both educationally and socially. I for example, am a part of the BrockU Best Buddies chapter where you are matched with an intellectually challenged individual and spark a friendship allowing them to feel included, and give them numerous leadership and social opportunities! I look forward to writing weekly blogs for you and will hopefully make some of you laugh with my silly stories, all the while giving you a better understanding of BrockU life!

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