Hello future Badgers!

Last year at this time I remember my study breaks being a lot more exciting than they currently are. Last year I was preparing for my exchange to Scotland, and was constantly breaking from my studies to google things to do and places to see. I was looking up flights all around Europe and getting far too distracted from my assignments.

For second semester of my third year I studied at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh, Scotland. This was an unreal opportunity that I am still shocked I got to do. One of the many things that drew me to Brock was the exchange program. I was told that in my third year, I could spend one semester at a school pretty much anywhere in the world! ¬†When doing an exchange, one of the greatest things is that you only pay tuition to Brock! You don’t have to worry about international fees or anything of that sort! So… I just pay normal tuition but can move across the world and live there for four months?! Why wouldn’t I take up this amazing opportunity??

What an experience it was going to a different university, in not only a different country, but a different continent! My university was smaller than my high school and only had one building. There were no assignments or exams until the end of the semester, where I had 100% exams! You would think having a 100% exam would be extremely stressful, but grades from the exchange program transfer back to Brock as a pass/fail! So your actual marks don’t affect your Brock average! This lack of school work throughout the semester provided me with the opportunity to travel all around Europe! I managed to get to seven countries in my four months! Every other weekend I was travelling somewhere new, whether it was to a new city in Scotland, up into the highlands, visiting family friends in England or exploring new countries in Europe… I was constantly on the move! It was hard to remember that the purpose of my exchange was for school- I was so emerged in the travelling lifestyle!

Travelling is an amazing opportunity, but actually living in a new country is so much different! I made friends from all over the world studying at Queen Margaret. I really don’t think I would ever have the experience of living in another country for months at a time but I am so thankful my university gave me this experience!


About Meaghan

Hey future badgers! My name is Meaghan and I am going into my fourth year of Child and Youth Studies with hopes of one day becoming an Occupational Therapist! I have absolutely loved my past four years at Brock! I am a part of the Brock Leaders Citizenship Society (BLCS) which has given me the opportunity to meet friends at Brock in all different years and faculties. Additionally, I spent second semester of third year in Edinburgh, Scotland -- which was an amazing experience! Although I had a wonderful time travelling last semester, I am really excited to be back at Brock for my last year! Throughout these past four years Brock has become a second home to me, and I can't wait to introduce you to it!

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