Fall-ing in Love with Reading Week at Brock

Hello Badgers,

Today I am writing to you from the comfort of my second home (the one not close to the University). That’s right, it’s fall reading week already!

Halfway through the semester is the perfect time for catching up – on readings, assignments, family time, Netflix marathons, sleep, and for the first time in 22 years – postseason baseball in Toronto (psst, did you know Andrew Tinnish went to Brock?). It’s a perfect break for newer students who are finding the transition to university slightly overwhelming and could be a little homesick. Everyone has a week to not only catch up, but to even get ahead on work.

The Fall Reading Week began in 2013, due to a recommendation in the University’s Mental Health Strategy and by the Brock University Students’ Union. The break serves to alleviate student stress and reenergizes them for the second half of the semester. However, as it occurs around Thanksgiving, I’d like to think it was started as a way for parents to ensure their children ate all of the leftovers.

Regardless of the purpose of its creation, students certainly love being able to go home for the week. It also represents another way the University demonstrates its ability to put the students first as well as their superior mental health coping strategies. A list of other services offered at the university could be found here.

So whether you’re using the time to catch up, get ahead, or simply relax, I wish you Badger’s a happy and safe fall reading week.

I’ll see you on campus next week (looking energetic and well-rested),



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