Fall Reading Week is like an early Christmas present for university students. It’s the chance to have a break, a chance to de-stress and a chance to see all of your friends and family again. Brock is one of the few universities that has a Fall Reading Week to relax, however, I want to tell you future Badgers some tips to make the best of your break:

1. Try and get as much work done and out of the way before this week so you can enjoy yourself 🙂

2. Enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner…and leftovers! For a lot of people this is the first time they will be going home after moving in for school so take advantage of your mom’s mashed potatoes, stuffing and turkey but most importantly the fact that she is cooking for you again.

3. Actually do some work if you can. A lot of professors and classes have assignments and midterms due right after the break. This week is an opportunity for you to catch up on readings but also to get ahead if you like.


Fall Reading Week marks the halfway point of first semester. So for current Badgers hang in there and enjoy your break because we only have a few more weeks left till first semester is over! For all future Badgers, remember these tips and start get excited for Fall Reading Week in your future.

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